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Welcome to the press service

At this site you will find all press information about the activities of the “Bildungswerk des Verbandes Deutscher Tonmeiter GmbH” (BiW-vdt). You will find as well on time several files for download to make your pr-work more comfortable.

All graphics, pictures and text are free for use, as long as you are reporting about any VDT/ BiW-vdt show or event. We would appreciate of course to receive a printed copy of your work. The copyright of all pictures and files are still at the VDT/ BiW-vdt and should be mentioned while using for print.

Press information tmt31

Please learn more about the forthcoming "Tonmeistertagung" (tmt31) here:


Press Contact:
Bildungswerk des Verbandes Deutscher Tonmeister GmbH
Ms. Dipl.-Ök. Renate Paxa
E-Mail: Mobile: +49 (0) 174 89 177 60

PR-Info for Download

PR - Orgelseminar Mai 2019.pdf PR - ICSA 2019.pdf PR - tmt31.pdf PR Renate Paxa 2019.pdf